The world is shit, but yet i smile, for rebel minds shall save us from the terror of this world. I am merely a peasant of the world. Screwed by those who believe in the evil. I, TripleZer0, am looking for the help of you. Yes you, with the mind of a rebel. Strong as a tank, smart as Einstein, and swift as a bird.

You and the members come up with ideas and plans. Anything that involves stopping the evil. You will come to me and i will look at your plan and your reasoning behind it. REMEMBER WE ARE REBELS. Just cause a law stands in the way of executing a plan we will not stop to rethink. As long as high morals are in place nothing will stop us.


Hackers Wanted..but not necessary.

To see if u can join talk to me, TripleZer0 ~ access our irc channel, channel #rebels, port 6667 or access it via browser here

Original Site here.

TripleZer0 4/26/18

NOTE TO Muta: If you read this thank you. For the smile you put on my face when u found my first website "The Dreadful Underground"